ViTaMIN Project

Virtual Training and Mentoring International Network

Virtual communities provide the potential to increase participation in evidence based practice and bringing together a range of cultural perspectives and experience of different healthcare systems. The Bahrain Branch of the UK Cochrane centre together with the Iranian Cochrane informal Network (ICInet) ( has played an active role since 2006 in recruiting new co-authors and in connecting them with Cochrane authors from different countries around the world and in the process creating and virtually mentoring the new authors teamed with  experienced  co authors to conduct Cochrane systematic reviews.

Seventeen Cochrane reviews were published in Issue 2, 2009 of the Cochrane library during this collaboration with 3-6 authors. In only two reviews were all of the authors from one country and totally there were 21 different types of international co-authorships in the matrix. The authors were from different institutes in Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Iran, Jamaica, Singapore, Switzerland, UK, United Arab Emirates and US. In four reviews, authors from four different countries were involved and in seven reviews, individuals from three countries, and  the remaining four reviews had authors from two countries.

The virtual training and mentorship program provides an opportunity to increase the number of Cochrane reviews published in the library along with increasing international collaboration and co-authorship. This innovative nexus of authors from different countries builds on the strengths of available resources  while providing an opportunity to authors from countries with limited resources to be able to get training and mentoring to conduct Cochrane reviews  also creates a  new space whereby authors working dawn to dusk in different time frames of different countries capitalise on the time resource as well.

A presentation in the WONCA Congress in Istanbul, Turkey on the Cochrane Activities in Middle East, Sep 2008 (

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Fedorowicz, Z. Middle East: ViTaMIN project. Monday 12 October 2009, 09:00 – 10:30.

Nasser M, Fedorowicz Z, Sequeira P, Newton T, Souza RD, Javaheri H. Evaluating the impact of the ViTaMIN (Virtual Training and Mentoring International Network) project (Poster)