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What is the role of the Bahrain Branch of the UK Cochrane Centre?

The role of the Bahrain Branch is to act as a focal point for people in Arabic speaking countries to co-ordinate the development and provision of training and support to Cochrane review authors in these countries. This branch will identify and handsearch regional Arabic and English language healthcare journals and ensure that relevant studies are made available to the wider groups. It will co-ordinate the translation of necessary administrative, support and scientific documents from and to Arabic, to ensure they can be accessed by target audiences.

Production of reviews, whilst desirable, is not a primary role of the branch, although all activity should have as its end goal the facilitation of the production of reviews within and/or for the Arabic-speaking region. Any reviews produced within the branch will be conducted in association with the relevant  Review Group.

As the focal point, the Bahrain Branch will usually be the point through which communication from and to Cochrane will be channeled, to ensure effective, consistent and efficient communication.

What are the Core functions of the UKCC Bahrain Branch?

1) Training and support

There are a small but steadily increasing number of Cochrane authors based in the region; which include people in Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, UAE and Syria. Training within the region will be provided by the Bahrain branch which may include mentoring by individual Cochrane authors.

2) Preparing and maintaining Cochrane review

Although not primarily directed towards the production of reviews, the branch will nevertheless strive to assist interested individuals to develop titles for Cochrane reviews and wherever possible connect potential authors with other co-authors from within or outside the region.

3) Hand searching

The Director, in collaboration with regional medical editors will identify regional healthcare journals or databases and evaluate them for hand searching. Training for hand searchers will be provided on request through the Bahrain Branch.

4) Translation

A significant role of the branch will be to provide translation services of manuscripts, references, and conference abstracts from Arabic to English, and vice versa.

5) Accessibility of the Cochrane Library

The branch will seek to promote accessibility to The Cochrane Library to healthcare professionals, consumers and others within the region through the application of resources available from Cochrane website and John Wiley and Sons Ltd.