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Bahrain Branch of Cochrane: Six Years of Achievement

The Bahrain Branch was the first Cochrane branch in the Middle East and was established on the 17th March 2005. Its reference Centre is the UK Cochrane Centre, based in Oxford, UK. Since it was established, the Bahrain Branch has served as a focal point for people in Arabic speaking countries and coordinated the development and provision of training and support to Cochrane review authors in these countries. One of the most important aims of the branch was to ensure effective, consistent and efficient communication and it has been the principal route through which communication from and to the wider collaboration has been channeled. (see More

Bahrain is the contact address for 24 reviews in a population of only 800,000 people. The reason that this might be an exception is that the Director of the Bahrain Branch, Zbys Fedorowicz, has devoted much effort to Cochrane activities, including the mentorship of colleagues in Bahrain and elsewhere, and is the contact person for all these 24 reviews. Furthermore, these reviews tend to be smaller than the typical Cochrane review, with narrowly focused questions, and contain between zero and six trials (median two trials).

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