Cochrane in the Arab world

What is Cochrane ?

Cochrane, which took its name from Archie Cochrane, a British epidemiologist who had emphasized the key role of the randomized trial in assessing effectiveness in healthcare interventions, was established in 1993. It now consists of a global network of 12 Cochrane Centres and many other entities, including 50 Cochrane Review Groups who are responsible for the preparation and maintenance of Cochrane reviews. The main role of the Centres is to support and train the thousands of volunteers, physicians, nurses, statisticians, epidemiologists, and consumers who take part in the work of Cochrane.

The Bahrain branch was the first Cochrane in the Middle East and was established on the 17th March 2005. The reference Centre for the Bahrain Branch is the UK Cochrane Centre, based in Oxford, UK.

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